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Hello!! My name is Jaime Cibran, and I am a game designer with more than two years of experience in the video game industry.

I am excited about the game design in all of its diverse occurrence: from the first conception of the game to the documentation and finally making the first prototypes to verify if the proposed mechanics work. Also, I have good skills with Unity where I normally do these prototypes.

The design areas that interest me the most are mechanics design and level design. In fact, I currently have experience especially in these two areas due to the previous projects in which I have worked.I have further experience as a Gameplay Designer, concepting core mechanics in the documentation and prototyping.

Below you can find my portfolio highlighting some of my game development work.

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I have worked on a project within the Blackmouth games company in the development of Domenation .

Survive the Destroyer Pulse, find refuge in the Domes and defeat all the players in this Battle Royale Shooter for up to 42 players. More information will be available soon.

Major Task:

Documentation of core game mechanics

General balancing of all game mechanic

Prototyping and implementing important features of the game

QA testing

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Tallest tree

Tallest Tree is a 2D platform game for mobile devices where the player has to fly to the goal while avoiding the obstacles that are in the way.

Additionally, by collecting Pinecones at the end of each levels, the player can contribute planting trees in the real world.

Major Task:

Level creation using the internal editor, from its initial phase to its final state.

Balance the flow of the game regarding difficulty and content of the levels.

Creation of smaller level modules for infinite mode.

Balance the difficulty of the infinite mode.

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Star Trek Prodigy Supernova

I have worked on a project within the Tessera Studios company in the development of Star Trek Prodigy.This game will be available in PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC .

Major Task:

Balance wave of enemies

Added collisions in the levels

QA testing and feedback of game design and levels

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